Ristorante Rosina

Ristorante Rosina

Neighbourhood Creative was tasked with recreating Ristorante Rosina’s digital footprint. The first task was creating an authentic website, where people could learn about the Rosina brand and menu. Fresh content is created by Neighbourhood on a monthly basis for Rosina’s social and web.

Scouting of monthly food bloggers and collaborations were handled and managed by Neighbourhood, and the restaurant has been home to many influencers and athletes in Toronto. Neighbourhood also mediated and managed the collaboration with Breakfast Television, which created huge volumes of exposure for the brand.

Through strategic content creation and exposure, Ristorante Rosina has seen a growth of 200% since re-launching, week-day reservations have increased by 125% and the brand experienced a record-breaking Pizza Fest in 2019.

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