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It takes a community to build one.

Building an ecosystem of brands and experiences. Our approach is non-traditional and strategic, assuring you that no other marketing agency is quite like Neighbourhood. For years, our team of experts has been building and growing brands with their knowledge and know-how.

Meet some of our neighbours, across North America and beyond.

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Video Production  //  Photo Production  //  Podcast Production  //  Content Editing  //  Creative Direction  //  Event Management


Strategy Development  //  Media Relations   //  OOH Advertising  //  Influencer Marketing   //  Partnerships  //  Launches


Social Media Management  //  Email Marketing  //  Paid Ads  //  Strategy  //  Digital Campaigns


Brand Development  //  Web Design  //  E-commerce  //  Graphic Design

Meet the team

With full operations based in both Toronto and Miami, the Neighbourhood team has propelled over 500 accounts across North America and beyond.

Ernesto Gaita

Co-founder, CEO

Anthony Sorella

Co-founder, Creative Director

Annamaria Gaita

Co-founder, CMO

Natasha Sorella

Partner, Director of Accounts

Alyssa Ritacca

Director, Creative

Jason Machado

Director, Podcasts

Ade Ahmed

Marketing and PR Manager, Digital

Delfin Samaniego

Events Coordinator

Dan Quintero

Podcast Coordinator

Sarah Treppiedi

Social Media Coordinator

Anthony Voltsinis

Production, Photo and Video

Dean Ostetto

Production, Podcasts

Juvy Mae Cruz

Social Media Coordinator

Orsol Qafmolla

Content Editor

Toni Brodersen

Content Editor

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